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International Solutions is a music marketing & promotion company with offices in Amsterdam, London, New York and Melbourne. We provide international promotion and marketing services across press, radio, online, video & tv. We build and execute promotion campaigns with local teams in North America, Europe and Australia.

Local promotion, local marketing, global coordination.

Our Services


  • Multi-territory Single and Album Press, Radio, Online, TV and Video Promotion
  • Multi-territory Tour Promotion
  • Multi-territory Marketing planning and budgeting, execution and Media Buy
  • International Project Management
  • International Label Representation
  • International Management Representation
  • In house senior staff in London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), New York (US), Melbourne (AUS)


  • Because Marketing and Promotion in multiple countries requires extensive knowledge of individual local markets’ media landscape and demands perpetual attention to set up, coordinate and execute effectively.
  • Because label priorities are essential and require a dedicated team to handle the local details of promotion and marketing working hand in hand with local distribution partners, ensuring label representation in the same time zone, in the same language, ensuring priorities are understood and executed.
  • Because labels who opt for licensing will need an international team to ensure that each local affiliate is giving the releases the attention they require.
  • Because IS becomes an international extension of your staff. A full staff that works for and reports directly to tyou – to be your local voice.
  • Because international tours will need an international manager rep on the ground, joining the dots between the local label and the local promoters to maximize pre-tour and on-tour promotion and in turn ticket sales.


  • We have local promotion and marketing teams on the ground across all genres, in every European territory, the US, Canada and Australia.
  • We have an in-house team of international product managers stationed in five markets: London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Cologne (Germany), Melbourne (Australia) & New York (USA).
  • We offer strategic advice and design promotion and marketing campaigns for every budget.
  • We use proprietary web tools for reporting and promotional assets management.
  • We speak 10 languages and have a deep understanding of the local markets.

If this was an album review I would give 5 stars for International Solutions. Paolo, Henk and the whole team have been a pleasure to work with. They’re also great people and fun to learn from.

Victor Zaraya, EVP, Razor & Tie

You want it quick, fixed, no bullshitting and independently worked with straightforward tailormade solutions, then you are in the right game with Paolo and Henk!

Willy Ehmann, Senior Vice President, Domestic Division GSA, Sony Music

In a rapidly changing global music marketplace, it is vital to have boots on the ground in each territory to properly execute the rollout of content. International Solutions does a phenomenal job furnishing this strategic connectivity.

Stirling Mcilwaine, Daughtry Manager, Pearl Group Entertainment

International Solutions has done an outstanding job for a number of our artists – their depth of knowledge of the international scene and their connections have proven to be a big asset.

Ralph James, President, The Agency Group

International Solutions has been an incredible partner for us at Spinefarm, along with our artists. These are people who care to do a job with passion, professionalism, and care.  I highly recommend their services in international marketing!

Jonas Nachsin, General Manager Worldwide, Spinefarm Records

Working with International Solutions on the Monster Truck, Twin Forks & Sleepy Sun projects has been great. They’ve delivered on everything they’ve laid out in the plan, and more. Paolo, Dino, and Elias are true professionals, and always put us (the client) and the band first. I would recommend International Solutions to any company looking for a strong team to coordinate your projects around the world.

Ryan Spalding, Director of Marketing, Dine Alone Records

It has been an absolute pleasure working with International Solutions on the Nickelback International Tour. IS has done an incredible job putting together a well thought out market and pr plan that has been a driving force behind Nickelback most successful International tour to date. The IS team is always accessible, has great ideas and a deep understanding of how the media works in each market. They are a true partner and we look forward to working with them on many more successful projects.

Shane Bourbonnais, President, Talent & International Music, Live Nation

As a management company, we have learned how important it is to support any domestic market success with a strong international presence. It is not only the right thing to do, it has become absolutely vital to broaden the market outreach for Artists and labels at any level. International Solutions has the specific expertise to do so.

Bryan Coleman, Nickelback Manager, Union Entertainment Group

I have worked with International Solutions on the launch of my CD “The Story of Light” and various other projects I released on my independent Favored Nations label. As an international product manager IS did an exceptional job at connecting with various independent press companies in a multitude of countries and strategized a comprehensive marketing plan with effective penetration. IS provides a unique service that I believed was non existent for an independent label or artist in the past.

Steve Vai, Artist

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