I had the pleasure of working with International Solutions for some European promotion on Adrenaline Mob’s Omertà tour during the summer of 2012. They were very easy to work with, very professional and most importantly, very effective in reaching the target audiences needed. I would happily work with them again anytime in the future.

Mike Portnoy, Artist

Working with International Solutions on the Monster Truck, Twin Forks & Sleepy Sun projects has been great. They’ve delivered on everything they’ve laid out in the plan, and more. Paolo, Dino, and Elias are true professionals, and always put us (the client) and the band first. I would recommend International Solutions to any company looking for a strong team to coordinate your projects around the world.

Ryan Spalding, Director of Marketing, Dine Alone Records

International Solutions ROCKS!

Tom Lipsky, President, Loud & Proud Records

As a management company, we have learned how important it is to support any domestic market success with a strong international presence. It is not only the right thing to do, it has become absolutely vital to broaden the market outreach for Artists and labels at any level. International Solutions has the specific expertise to do so.

Bryan Coleman, Nickelback Manager, Union Entertainment Group

For our Ashley Allen project, we needed someone to quarterback our  team that was focused on both artist development and market impact.  Working with a new artist requires  patience and insight to develop an artist brand that is geared and packaged to stand out from the crowd, while also staying  true to the artist herself.   Breaking an artist requires market overview, knowledge of all the business sectors, (even during this time of rapid change), great relationships with game changing companies and individuals, and a determined confidence to overcome any obstacles in the way.  This is what Elias and International Solutions deliver, and we know that our artist is in good hands.

Douglas Keogh, President, Robot Of The Century Music

International Solutions has been an incredible partner for us at Spinefarm, along with our artists. These are people who care to do a job with passion, professionalism, and care.  I highly recommend their services in international marketing!

Jonas Nachsin, General Manager Worldwide, Spinefarm Records

International Solutions was a rare pleasure to work with.  Methodical, intuitive, driven, and most amazing of all, they respond to emails within minutes and answer the phone every time!  No need to micromanage, International Solutions chased-down every possible angle they could find promoting our shows.  No question, Elias and International Solutions has all of our future business.

Jason Reese, Manager, Vamprose Global Management