It has been a pleasure working with International Solutions! Their on the ground industry knowledge of international territories is second to none. For Metropolis, they have and will continue to be an important asset for our successful major artist marketing campaigns.

Louis Brown, Head of Labels, Metropolis Labels

Like a mean junkyard dog, the people at International Solutions are tenacious, strong-willed, persistent and loyal. If you’re not on their side, you’re in trouble.  They will stop at nothing to get the job done … and they also have a bad side!

Rob Lanni, Co-President, Coalition Music Canada

Bringing International Solutions on board absolutely changed the world for Ghost in several territories where they have moved from an unknown artist to a headliner. In today’s constantly shifting music landscape, having international staff on the ground has become crucial, which is why we also asked Paolo and his team to support our efforts on the recent Slayer album and tour, both significantly more successful than their last album cycle.

Rick Sales, Manager, Rick Sales Entertainment

International Solutions provide thoughtful global music marketing support and infrastructure that serve as an extension of our domestic efforts. Their knowledge of the market place, pro-activity, and fluid reporting systems are seamless.

John Franck, Head of Marketing, 300 Entertainment

The ISOL team have consistently delivered for us with their insight, timely strategy, ease of collaboration, and detailed knowledge of the European markets. They are our go-to partners overseas, and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Highly recommend.

A.J. Benson, Head of Labels, Feel Music & Evil Teen Records

In a rapidly changing global music marketplace, it is vital to have boots on the ground in each territory to properly execute the rollout of content. International Solutions does a phenomenal job furnishing this strategic connectivity.

Stirling Mcilwaine, Daughtry Manager, Pearl Group Entertainment

You want it quick, fixed, no bullshitting and independently worked with straightforward tailormade solutions, then you are in the right game with International Solutions!

Willy Ehmann, Senior Vice President, Domestic Division GSA, Sony Music

If this was an album review I would give 5 stars for International Solutions. The whole team have been a pleasure to work with. They’re also great people and fun to learn from.

Victor Zaraya, EVP, Razor & Tie

International Solutions has done an outstanding job for a number of our artists – their depth of knowledge of the international scene and their connections have proven to be a big asset.

Ralph James, President, The Agency Group

It has been an absolute pleasure working with International Solutions on the Nickelback International Tour. IS has done an incredible job putting together a well thought out market and pr plan that has been a driving force behind Nickelback most successful International tour to date. The IS team is always accessible, has great ideas and a deep understanding of how the media works in each market. They are a true partner and we look forward to working with them on many more successful projects.

Shane Bourbonnais, President, Talent & International Music, Live Nation

I have worked with International Solutions on the launch of my CD “The Story of Light” and various other projects I released on my independent Favored Nations label. As an international product manager IS did an exceptional job at connecting with various independent press companies in a multitude of countries and strategized a comprehensive marketing plan with effective penetration. IS provides a unique service that I believed was non existent for an independent label or artist in the past.

Steve Vai, Artist

Many of our acts have chosen to go the independent route as opposed to the traditional major label route of releasing records. International Solutions have been an amazing resource for us to support those acts’ careers.

Paul Geary, Artist Manager, Paul Geary Management